# FABIAN GOEGGEL FOR FREAX3 // Photo Credits: Dirk Gebhardt



How does a triathlete get the idea of an own swimming trunk brand? Pretty much every triathlete knows Las Playitas Resort on the island Fuerteventura. We also spent some training camps and one or the other sweaty hour there. And this was where our first ideas for an own swimming trunk collection was born. We recognized in our daily training sessions but also during dinner time that athletes are always looking for something special: Attract attention at any price. However, for their swim training most of them were wearing rather boring trunks and if we got a glimpse on a colorful model we never really liked the design. And this is how during one dinner we had the idea of our own swimming trunks, best quality regarding material and processing but in terms of design way beyond conservative patterns. It also didn’t take long to find a name: FREAX³ - THE GERMAN BADEHOSE. What other name would go well with people who have the  idea of a company start-up after an intensive 6 hours training day?



100 % swimming fun! The designs of all my swimming trunks and brand FREAX³ are based on the motto "Colorful is more fun". And extravagant are not just the patterns but also the names of the three models in retro stlye: HOCHEXPLOSIV, GEFÜHLSECHT and FREQUENZSTARK. The swimming trunks are available in sizes S, M, L and XL at a price of 29.90 Euro. So it is perfect for the sometimes dull and hard daily training routine. With a material mix of 80 % polyamide and 20 % elastane the trunks are highly resistant and have a long durability. The material is resistant to chlorine and provides additionally a sun protection factor of 50+ to protect against damaging solar radiationGO SHOPPING!


# FABIAN GOEGGEL FOR FREAX3 // Photo Credits: Dirk Gebhardt