# TRAINING CAMP CAPE TOWN – SOUTH AFRICA 2019 // Photo Credits: Manuel Ringlstetter for SIGMA SPORTS Germany




Triathlon requires, especially on the long distance, a high level of self-motivation and endurance as the essential energy and performance needs to be saved for the most important moment. Top athletes like the German Fabian Rahn have the ability to prepare for this exact moment. Due to his professional attitude, will to win and authentic appearance he is the ideal partner who conveys reliably the philosophy and message of brands. Fabian Rahn is part of the next generation in the international Ironman scene. With his spontaneous and natural manner he is very likeable and therefore the ideal leading figure for the global triathlon sport. He embodies the characteristics of a model athlete: aesthetics and playful lightness on the one hand, concentrated strength and energy on the other hand. The interaction of these qualities makes him a personality that is connected with success. ___


Racing Sub8
is just a mental wall,
let‘s tear it down,
it‘s time.


# IRONMAN WALES 2019 – 3RD OVERALL RANKING // Photo Credits: FinisherPix