# DATEV CHALLENGE ROTH 2016 – 7TH OVERALL RANKING // Photo Credits: Marcel Hilger


Professional Triathlete

Fabian Rahn.

Fabian Rahn is a big hope in the german triathlon scene. He finished his first triathlon in 2009 – the short distance race in Kraichgau. Since then this sport has been fascinating him and  he has been focusing on short and middle distance races. Rahn successfully switched to the prestigious long distance on 17th July 2016 at DATEV Challenge Roth. With an overall time of 08:20:11 hours and the fourth fastest marathon time of 02:47:56 hours he right away made his way to the world class of triathlon. And almost exactly two years later, on July 15, 2018, after a time of 08:18:23 hours at Ironman UK in Bolton, he succeeds in taking the podium for the first time. At the same time he is pursuing his 5 years masterplan #Agenda2020 – the ambitious goal to finish top ten at Ironman Hawai'i.  ___




Body Fat
177 cm
63 kg
5 %







# DATEV CHALLENGE ROTH 2016 – 7TH OVERALL RANKING // Photo Credits: Marcel Hilger



I have been fascinated by the three endurance sports swimming, cycling and running since I was a child. During my time as a soccer player (1995-2001: Striker and regular player in the regional selection my father, who is a very good marathon runner, used to take me with him to his running training and in my free time I did a lot of cycling. When I started cycling as a professional sport in 2001 the area where I grew up was totally infected with triathlon enthusiasm because of the first german victory at the legendary Ironman Hawaii by Thomas Hellriegel. And by the time Norman Stadler was the second German winning Hawaii in 2004 I was addicted to this sport, not missing any coverage. Just the swimming part stopped me from trying it by myself. I’ve been dreaming of triathlon for more than 10 years, especially of the Ironman Hawai’i and winning this race. And I am ready to take this long, bumpy and sometimes painful road to Big Islang Hawai’i to cross the finish line as one of the best!

Carreer Performance 1995 - 2009

Based on his previous athletic career Fabian Rahn has excellent conditions for cycling and running to make the final leap into the internal top triathlete scene. Between 2002 and 2008 Rahn was competing in national and international cycling races, in 2002 he won the regional championship in uphill time trial and starting 2006 he was member of the MLP-Team, competing in national league races in the highest amateur class, the A-league. His current best time on 90 km cycling is 02:09:27 hours, achieved at “Indeland Triathlon” 2015. Fabian Rahn’s debut on 42.195 km at the Cologne Marathon in 2013 was also very promising – he reached the finish line at 02:33:41 hours as the best European participant. With a current best time of 31:49 minutes on 10 km he also has the necessary speed performance that will pay off in the long distance races. And his running talent is not just a matter of chance: His father Juergen Rahn is still holding the marathon record in his athletic district, a finishing time of 02:25:45 hours at the Berlin Marathon 1991. ___


# U23 MLP-RADBUNDESLIGATEAM 2008 // Photo Credits: MLP